mercredi 11 avril 2012

Norms in the Margins and Margins of the Norms

The RMCA Ethnosociology and Ethnohistory Unit is organizing, in collaboration with the Free University Brussels and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, an outstanding international conference, Norms in the Margins and Margins of the Norms. The social construction of illegality (Tervuren, Brussels, Leuven, October 25-27 2012).

The conference aims at fostering a cross-disciplinary debate on everyday practice seen as systems of practical norms in realms more commonly considered from a legal or moral standpoint. Political scientists, jurists, historians, sociologists and social anthropologists will exchange their views on interactions between normative systems produced by official actors such as States or international organizations and those systems of norms informing the actions of actors thriving in the margins of official categories. Official categories emerge as highly political creations, while powerlessness in the margin reveals itself as relative. Market oriented economy intertwines with underground networks and these interconnections produce implicit norms that are also produced in the loopholes of law in various spheres of societies. These themes will be analysed through case studies as, for instance, traffics in art, drugs, organs as well as corruption or the cultural production of rules.

Full programme and registration form are available on the RMCA website or via this URL
Registration is compulsory and no inscription fees are required. However, payment is compulsory for all wishing to attend receptions (brunch/lunch/coffee breaks and walking dinner) for the opening session at the Colonial Palace (Thursday October 25). Meals and coffee-breaks offered during other sessions (October 26, 27) are for free.
Registration and payment have to be done at the same time by June 30 2012. Please, send your registration form ONLY to the following address: norms-illegality2012(a)

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