jeudi 19 mai 2011

Stephen Lawrence / Guardian

Two men to stand trial for Stephen Lawrence murder after court ruling
David Norris and Gary Dobson, whose 1996 acquittal was quashed by appeal court, charged with murder

by Vikram Dodd,, Wednesday 18 May 2011
The parents of Stephen Lawrence, stabbed to death by a racist gang who "targeted" him because he was black, saw their 18-year campaign for justice for their son result in a court ruling that two men will stand trial for the murder.
Doreen and Neville Lawrence witnessed the court of appeal clear the way for Gary Dobson, 35, to face a jury. The court's permission was needed because Dobson had been acquitted of Stephen's murder in a prosecution brought in 1996.
Judges headed by the lord chief justice decided new forensic tests on Dobson's grey bomber jacket and a cardigan had produced evidence that was compelling enough to quash his acquittal and see him stand trial for a second time.
He will go on trial in November alongside David Norris, 34, who was a suspect in the original murder investigation but who has never previously been charged.
The killing in 1993 in Eltham, south-east London, is one of the most high-profile unsolved murders in Britain.
Lawrence was 18 and a talented student who dreamed of being an architect, when he became the victim of a gang that first shouted racist abuse at him, and then stabbed him.
Lawrence's death stood out for nearly two decades because of the effect it has had on race relations in Britain and the failings it revealed. The Met police bungled the first murder investigation and pressure from the campaign started by the Lawrence family led to a public inquiry, which found "institutional racism" had plagued the case.
The news of the trial saw another landmark chapter for the family, police and the courts. [...]
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Plusieurs membres et intervenants du GRER participent à différents ateliers du 51e Congrès de la SAES, qui se tient à Paris à la fin de la semaine (20-22 mai).
Vous pourrez entendre:

Atelier 6 - Histoire des idées (Franck Lessay, Patrick Badonnel)
Vendredi 20 mai - Après-midi - Salle A05
1740-1820 TERRIER Marie (Paris 3)
La réforme ou la dialectique de la peur dans la pensée socialiste d'Annie Besant (1885-1890)

Atelier 18 - Civilisations du Commonwealth (SEPC - Martine Piquet, Michel Prum, Gilles Teulié)
Dimanche 22 mai – Matin – Salle C35
0900-0930 PERROT Cécile (Rennes)
Between attraction and repulsion: Impact of global trends and discourse on South African education policies
1030-1100 LE POULLENNEC Annael (Aix-Marseille / Nanterre)
The township and the gangster - A study of new signifiers of South Africa in Tsotsi

Atelier 25 - Etudes sur les femmes, le sexe et le genre (Françoise Barret-Ducrocq, Claire Bazin, Florence Binard, Guyonne Leduc, Fiona Mc Cann)
Vendredi 20 mai – Après-midi – Salle A23
1430-1445 BINARD Florence (Paris 7)
Présentation de la Société française d'études anglophones sur les femmes, le sexe et le genre
1745-1815 GUYARD-NEDELEC Alexandrine (Paris EHESS)
Re-naître par le droit ou le droit à re-naître
Dimanche 22 mai – Matin – Salle A23
0900-0930 BINARD Florence (Paris 7)
Pour une traduction bon genre : comparaison des guides francophones et anglophones de langue non-sexiste 
1130-1200 ROYER Ludivine (La Réunion)
Raisons et conséquences des grossesses précoces chez les Aborigènes d'Australie – Mais au fait où est le problème?
Le site du Congrès est accessible ici (programme, infos pratiques, etc.) 

mardi 17 mai 2011

Colloque "Multiculturalisme et genre" - Le Havre

Programme complet disponible en ligne ici
NB : Marina Matesic (Croatie) a annulé son intervention