vendredi 27 mai 2011

Obama and race / Patterns of Prejudice

Obama and Race: History, Culture, Politics, special double issue of Patterns of Prejudice guest-edited by Richard H. King (vol. 45/1-2, February-May 2011, 197p.).
Among the contents, listed below, are two articles that have been granted free online access until 31 December 2011.
- Prologue: "The riddle of race", Emily Bernard
(free access at
- "‘A curious relationship’: Barack Obama, the 1960s and the election of 2008", Brian Ward
(free access at
- "The presence and absence of race", George Lewis
- "Becoming black, becoming president", Richard H. King
- "Two great days in Harlem", Photographs by Carmel King
- "How to read Michelle Obama", Maria Lauret
- "Barack Obama and the American island of the colour blind", Peter Kuryla
- "Barack Obama as the post-racial candidate for a post-racial America: perspectives from Asian America and Hawai‘i", Jonathan Y. Okamura
- "Barack Obama and the South: demography as electoral opportunity", Donald Beachler
- "Teaching Obama: history, critical race theory and social work education", Damon Freeman

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