vendredi 29 avril 2011

Daedalus - "Race, Inequality, and Culture"

Daedalus. Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 140 (2), printemps 2011: "Race, Inequality, and Culture"

Sommaire (en particulier pour les américanistes qu'intéressent les évolutions de la question raciale)

- Lawrence D. Bobo (Harvard): "Somewhere between Jim Crow and Post-Racialism", pp. 11-36  
- Douglas S. Massey (Princeton): "The Past and Future of American Civil Rights", pp. 37-54  
- William Julius Wilson (Harvard): " The Declining Significance of Race:  Revisited and Revised", pp. 55-69  
- James J. Heckman (University of Chicago): "A Post-Racial Strategy for Improving Skills to Promote Equality", pp. 70-89  
- Richard E. Nisbett (University of Michigan): " The Achievement Gap: Past, Present, and Future", pp. 90-100  
- Michael J. Klarman (Harvard): "Has the Supreme Court Been More a Friend or Foe to African Americans?", pp. 101-108  
- Daniel Sabbagh (Sciences Po/CERI): "Affirmative Action: The U.S. Experience in Comparative Perspective", pp. 109-120  
- Rogers M. Smith (University of Pennsylvannia), Desmond S. King (Oxford), and Philip A. Klinkner (Hamilton College):" Barack Obama and American Racial Politics", pp. 121-135 
- Taeku Lee (Berkeley): "Post-Racial and Pan-Racial Politics", pp. 136-150.  
- Jennifer L. Hochschild (Harvard), Vesla M. Weaver (University of Virginia), and Traci Burch (Northwestern): "Destabilizing the American Racial Order", pp. 151-165  
- Jennifer A. Richeson (Northwestern) and Maureen A. Craig: "Intra-minority Intergroup Relations", pp. 166-175  
- Marcyliena Morgan (Harvard) and Dionne Bennett (Loyola Marymount University): "Hip-Hop and Its Global Imprint", pp. 176-196  
- Cathy J. Cohen (University of Chicago): "Millennials and the Post-Racial Myth", pp. 197-205.  
- Alford A. Young, Jr (University of Michigan): "The Black Masculinities of Barack Obama, pp. 206-214  - Roger Waldinger (UCLA): "Immigration: The New American Dilemma", pp. 215-225  
- Martha Biondi (Northwestern): "African American Studies: Then& Now", pp. 226

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